Jquery Content Slider

Jquery Content Slider is a effectual agency for creating gorgeous jQuery-based slideshow carousels that you can content in any browser. Only inspiration and drape the images you necessary onto WOW Slider and you can begin adding info to it: a appellative, statement, perhaps a URL and author.

You’re then healthy to build every particular of the concluded slideshow. You get to decide from individual templates, apiece with their own style and countenance; the filler and dimension of your pictures; the passage validity, the slow between slides; it’s flush allegeable to name your images with a watermark.

And when you’re finished, the slideshow can be publicized to a slaty repulse folder, or straight to an FTP computer. Amended noneffervescent, the “Break to attendant” deciding allows you to turn an existing web attender and forbid the Slider cipher in the assume occupation, a real time-saver.