How to Approach a Girl

These natural nonverbal signs also known as body language and your personal observations and evaluation of the current situation are the great indicators that can show you if a girl is interested in you. If you are not sure how to approach a girl you don’t know and you don’t have that much confidence or have that approach anxiety or fear to approach a girl for the first time you can try approaching those women who show their interest by broadcasting some of these signs. If you can read these signs, it becomes much easier to come up and talk to a girl since you know that she is interested.

Talk To Girls

Based on some scientific researches a big part of human communication is based on different nonverbal signs, which we may often don’t recognize. When the next time you go out to a club, bar or any other public place where you can potentially meet a lot of women try to recognize some of the signs also depending on the situation, if you see at least one of these signs – don’t hesitate – go and talk with the girl.

If a girl is looking around, checking out different people this girl is either looking for someone or she wants somebody to come up and talk to her. The better sign is though if a girl is checking out you by taking a quick glance at you.

Proximity or closeness is another good sign. Normally a girl doesn’t come up to talk to a guy but what she can do to show her interest is to come up closer to you. To make you notice her she can talk more loudly with her friend for instance.

Preening is when women touch some parts of their body, clothes and accessories like touching her hair, adjusting her shirt. Preening by nature means a person is not very confident, like she is shy or nervous at the moment and she probably needs someone to come up and talk with her.

If you see a girl whether she is sitting or standing and her body, position is more open it is a good sign to approach a girl.

When girls are drinking at a party, in a club or at a bar they use alcohol to socialize it helps them to feel more relax, free and happy. This is why bars and clubs exist in the first place. In this type of setups, girls are welcoming to meet new people and have fun. Not a good idea though is to go and meet girls that are over drunk and wasted, just few drinks is enough to feel more relax and talkative.

If a girl is being friendly and she is smiling she probably wants someone to come up and talk to her. This is not a rule of thumb through, but in most cases, it is. If you see a girl, smiling chances are she wants another guy to come up and talk with her.

If a girl is intentionally out by herself in a bar or a club and she is not waiting for a friend or somebody else she usually doesn’t mind to meet people. There is a high chance she wants someone come up and talk to her in this case.