Isn’t it tiresome to love a man who orders you around like his domestic maid and treats you as if you are non-existent? Why would a man disrespect you unless you’ve given him your consent unknowingly? Is it possible to continue loving him when he no longer respects you and even forces you to cut off ties with those you are close to? Can you imagine yourself staying together with such a mate for eternity if he manipulates you like a puppet and inflicts physical abuse on you?

Relationship Problems

No woman deserves to be controlled by any man because you have your own rights and it is up to you to exercise them. You should never hand over these rights to any man so that he makes every decision for you and imposes his will on you at the cost of your dignity, pride and integrity. Compromise in a relationship works only if two parties put in mutual efforts to please each other but if love is one-sided and you have to give in all the time, then you’re better off being on your own, rather than hanging on to someone who does not truly treasure or love you. Therefore, if you want a no-nonsense book that tells you how to empower yourself and earn the love and respect you deserve from your man, do read this book if you want to change your life for the better! Remember, you deserve to lead a meaningful life and it is up to you to create it for yourself!